Welcome Parents

*First Bell rings at 8:40. Students can enter the school and line up by their door.

*If students need to eat breakfast it is available at 8:30.

*At 8:50 students will go into their classrooms to get ready to start the day.

*9:00--Students should be in the classroom beginning their day.

If a student is not in class by 9:00, they need to go to the office to sign in and grab a tardy pass. Thank you!


Parents: Did you know? 

✦ Students go out to recess in any weather down to -10 degrees, so please dress them for the weather.

✦ Please call 742-3000 to excuse any student absences. Please fill out an extended absence form for any planned trips or longer absences.

✦ Students must be dropped off/ picked up by car ONLY at the stop sign at the front of the car line.

✦ Parents may not park their cars in the bus lane at any time during the day. Buses arrive intermittently throughout the school day.

✦ Students must enter the building through the front door in the morning.

✦ Press the front door buzzer FIRMLY, or the office staff will not hear it.

✦ Please bring a picture ID when checking a student out of school 



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